Instructor for EDUC 431 (EdTech) – Fall 2019

Second Year Teacher Candidates from the UNBC B.Ed. Teacher Education Program take EDUC 431 (Educational Technology) in their final term of coursework before entering their 4-week practicum this term and 10-week practicum next term. In this course this term, students are exposed to different EdTech BC Educators in various presentations and workshops, will engage in creating a digital footprint and participate in digital citizenship on Twitter, and create a PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO using an open sourced WordPress site via I made a commitment as the instructor of EDUC 431 to engage in the professional portfolio that provides exemplars that reflect the BCTC Professional Standards for BC Educators, participate on Twitter, and highlight some big ideas with guest speakers who are passionate about EdTech to imagine what’s possible to support student learning that is inclusive, flexible, and personalized.